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School Photos – Junior Achievement Day
CE Rose recently held its Junior Achievement Day, welcoming over 50 volunteers to educate students on crucial skills like career readiness and financial literacy, preparing them for future success. It was a wonderful experience, empowering students with the important knowledge to navigate their future paths.
A boy in a gray hoodie holds a pencil and looks down at his paper
A man in a gray plaid shirt works with a boy in a blue shirt on a worksheet
A woman in a pink cardigan helps a little boy in glasses with his worksheet
A man in glasses and black polo holds up a card reading banks and credit unions
A little girl in a navy cardigan and glasses writes on her worksheet
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All schools and District offices are closed.
7/23/2024 - 7/26/2024
New teachers and principals report to their school.
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Teachers report to their school.
CE Rose office manager Faviola DojaquezMeet our school's incredible office manager, Faviola Dojaquez! She has over 30 years in the district in various roles, starting as a caregiver for Title 1, substitute teaching, to becoming the Library Technician Service Specialist in 1992. Her journey led her to the heart of CE Rose, where she now serves as the welcoming face of the front office. Amidst changing administrations, her joy comes from her connection with students and parents. "I just love working here."
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What Makes Us Special
C. E. Rose is a high performing, urban school that employs the system outlined in “The Leader in Me.” “The Leader in Me” is a school-wide program designed to foster character and discipline along with academic achievement. Rose classrooms and grade levels flow from one teacher to the next, providing students with a consistent and rigorous learning environment. The transition from library to classroom to cafeteria to the playground is quiet and orderly, and the students wear uniforms.

At the beginning of the school year, students make a school-wide presentation establishing positive behavior expectations. The older students outline the expectations for the younger ones.

The school is clean and spacious, with a busy computer lab. CE Rose has garnered many awards in the past five years, for academics, athletics, technology integration and school leadership.
Did You Know?
Did you know that CE Rose is the only K-8 school in our district that has Esports? Our students code their own bots and team compete @RocketLeague against other schools in the nation. Through Esports, students have the opportunity utilize different software and have access to Coding and other
STEM fields.  We are so excited and grateful to Mr. Ortega and his hard work beginning this program at CE Rose.

                      Students using computers    Student using computer    Student using computer