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21st Century - After School Program
21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC) is an afterschool program funded by a federal grant. This program provides students with academic support in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. 21st Century also offers a variety of enrichment opportunities that allow students to explore their interests while sharpening their academic skills. Enrichment classes differ year to year.
Fall Program Dates: Monday September 20th, 2021 - Friday December 10th, 2021
Spring Program Dates: Monday January 3rd, 2022 - Friday April 29th, 2022

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leader in me be productive artLeader In Me
The Leader in Me program is an adaptation of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Successful People
graphic of personG.A.T.E. (Gifted and Talented Education)
graphic person with ballSports
Track & Field
Perfect Attendance
Classes with the best attendance have scooter races down 7 Habits Hallway. Winning classes display our AZTEC calendars for that month.
reading program graphic20/20 Reading Program
Students are expected to have their parents for every time they read for at least 20 minutes. Download each month's calendar under downloads. Classes with the most returned calendars have a reward party at the end of the month.
photo of math mastersMath Masters
Students practice their Math Fact fluency and then take a test at the end of the month for either Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Division.Winners are invited to a special party each month. Students who pass all of the required test for their grade level become Ultimate Math Masters and are invited to every party for the rest of the year.
photo of lapan college clubLAPAN College Club
Lapan is a program where students earn money for top grades to be used toward further education in college. This program was founded by Patricia Lapan.
girl scouts logoGirl Scouts
Girl Scouts builds confidence and character for our girls. We are proud to have this opportunity at our school. Girl Scouts meet every Wednesday
How does C.E. Rose Succeed?
Our logo and Mission is LEAP 90.

Lead. Empower. Apply. Prepare.

We expect at least 90% of our students to Meet or Exceed State Standards on the AZ Merit.

Competence + Character = Effectiveness

All students are held by their teachers and staff to high standards. This starts with a school-wide mindset that all students can and will succeed with the proper support.
Eliminate the achievement gap and engender a powerful vision of their own future.
As a former Reading First school, we know the importance of focusing on Math and Literacy skills. We have 90+ minute reading blocks and 60 minutes or more a day of math. The Middle School students spend much longer on these subjects. Sometimes a math objective can take all morning. Most importantly, our entire staff is onboard with the same paradigm that 90% of students will Meet or Exceed the Standards.

Teachers focus on the principles of effectiveness: (1) conduct needs assessments, (2) set measurable objectives, (3) choose research-based programs and (4) evaluate progress towards objectives. Our teachers participate in interdependent grade-level lesson planning. Staff meet regularly to review data, identify the students' needs, and implement interventions.

All PreK-2 students use Pearson's Waterford program daily. Second through 8th grade students use the SuccessMaker program daily. These computer programs are fun, engaging, and based on State Standards. Our school was one of the lighthouse schools in TUSD. Our success led to a district-wide initiative to bring SuccessMaker to all TUSD Students. The Pearson article (in PDF)
Student Goals
Number one is that students are the leaders of their own learning. When students are empowered in a classroom, they know they are in charge of their own learning.

Additionally, our students are taught with the values of 21st Century learners. There are three constants in life: Change, Choice, and Principles.

Key Strategies
Student Data Notebooks - all students (K-8) have their own binders that are maintained by the students themselves. Students lead the discussion during Student/Parent/Teacher conferences because the students have the tools and knowledge to discuss their own progress. Our students welcome the opportunity to share their notebooks with visitors.

Strategic and Intensive Reading Interventions - Students, Staff, and Teachers meet regularly to review data provided from Dibels Progress Monitoring, SuccessMaker, Waterford, Imagine Learning, AVENUES Assessments, and ATI scores. We then implement research-based strategies to target student needs.

Focus - Time on task and effective lessons. All teachers use the Essential Elements of Instruction (EEI) model. You can see the posters in their classrooms. Our school-wide leadership model is The Leader In Me program. In addition to effective lessons, The Leader In Me program drastically reduced office referrals and empowered the students to do their best even when no one is watching. Focused learning comes when we can spend less time on behavior and more time on learning.

Focus - Results Oriented Interdependent Learning Groups. Teachers, Staff, and Students are an interdependent team. Interdependence means 2 or more people are dependent upon each other. Students work in cooperative groups with their peers and have data meetings with their teachers. Teachers lesson plan, discuss strategies and have data meetings with their grade level team. Paraprofessionals discuss intervention progress with grade level teams. Administration reviews data and student progress with teachers and paraprofessionals.

Focus - Problem-Solving. According to Kamehameha Schools Research & Evaluation Division, in the context of 21st Century Skills, "Schools must be transformed in ways that will enable students to acquire the creative thinking, flexible problem solving, collaboration and innovative skills they will need to be successful in work and life."

Before we begin anything new, we always ask ourselves: "How does this new element fit in with our vision of LEAP 90?" When the school vision and mission are clear, we attract great teachers, teachers want to work together, and the students succeed.
Before Beginning Anything New...
Before we begin anything new, we always ask ourselves: "How does this new element fit in with our vision of LEAP 90?" When the school vision and mission are clear, we attract great teachers, teachers want to work together, and the students succeed.
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